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Enhance your inner beauty.

Courtney Weller has been turning heads in the beauty industry since 2005.  Her passion for organic hairstyles led her to traveling the world catering to brides and beautifying her clients for red carpet & special events.  Courtney and her team at Indah Bridal have a reputation for professionalism and distinctive styles emerging from her worldly travels. Courtney is a preferred vendor at Versace mansion in Miami, last year she was invited to design a collection for Gianni Versace during Art Basel where she showcased her Indah Sustainable Jewelry & Hair Couture  in a 3 day live art show based around the 'Elements.'  She regularly works with elite brands and Fortune 500 companies solidifying her status as an international stylist.  Some of her favourite bridal and fashion designers she has worked with in the past are Yumi Katsura, Pnina Tornai and Galit Levi.  Recently, The Work Of Indah's jewelry line was featured in New York Fashion Week & she hosted a two day event at Gitano in NYC.

Courtney is known as a unique and creative visionary for all things beauty, but bridal is where her passion lies.  She has quickly become a top beauty artist for luxury properties around the world, and comes highly recommended by world-renowned photographers.  Courtney and her lavish beauty team are devoted to brides who crave elegance, style and luxury.

Visit @indah.bridal on Instagram to view some of her favorite wedding destination ideas, bridal fashion inspirations and to see her most recent  work. 

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