Alittle about Courtney's journey in the beauty world.

Courtney has always loved creating beautiful things and pours her heart into everything she does whether its creating fascinating hair styles, cooking, designing jewelry, empowering woman to follow their dreams, giving back to her community through charity work or simply practicing yoga. Hair has been a part of her life since she was a child, her mother tells her she cut all the hair off of all her barbies. During her grade 12 year she studied hair following a lifetime of non stop training all over the globe.  She has traveled to LA, New York, London, Toronto & more to study the art of hair design.  As Courtney followed her dreams she began to discover her true talents. She has been evolved in many shoots as a creative director and beauty visionary in the Okanagan Valley where she resides.  Courtney loves to travel all over the world but has a special place in her heart for Bali where she designs her luxury bridal hair couture and sustainable jewelry line, Indah Lux.  She specializes in luxury destination weddings, ceremonies, events & styling photoshoots across the globe.


Trial and preview, whats the difference?

The trial is your first time meeting Courtney in person before you make the decision to book her to do your wedding hair. Trials are available during the week of your first inquiry preferably in person, if it isn't possible then Skype or FaceTime is an option.  Please note the collection you choose for your wedding day with Courtney, will not be confirmed until she has received your 50% retainer.


The preview is preferably booked 2-4 weeks prior to your wedding day, this session you get to meet in person to set the look for your hair/beauty/both and finalize the details. The preview date is booked at the time of confirming your wedding date.  If your an international bride don't worry, we can meet within a week of your wedding if your timelines allow for it.  If not we can always connect on Facetime or Skype for a consultation.


Is a preview important?

Yes, it’s highly recommend booking a preview date – Courtney create show you many different hair designs she can do on your hair so you look perfect on your wedding day. A preview helps avoid last minute decisions, what products are best for your hair and skin type,  we will play with putting your hair up and down, our makeup artist will decide which shape of Lashnoire eyelashes are best for you or what color of lips suits your skin tone moments before your changing into your wedding dress. After your preview you will feel excited & relieved that all of these decisions are made and you can enjoy all of the pampering on your big day knowing that you and your bridal party are in the best hands. 


A preview also provides brides with the opportunity to test there skin with any product sensitivities and skin reactions.  This is the reason Courtney highly recommends booking the preview 2-4 weeks before the your wedding day.  International bride? We can book your preview during the week prior to the wedding.


How long will my preview take?

A preview for both hair AND makeup, allow 2 to 3 hours.


Previews for only hair OR only makeup are 1 ½ - 2 hours.

This service includes a personal consultation, flawless makeup application and/or hair designs followed by any adjustments and photos for our reference.

What can I expect from my preview?

To begin, Courtney will go over all of your visions including the location and your timelines, your wedding theme and your dress(es) and all the important details of what you visualize for your wedding day. For your makeup service, an Indah beauty artist will meet with you for a skin consultation. For your locks Courtney will discuss with you what your hair inspirations and goals are and how we can bring them to life.  During this time she will learn what products your locks will need on the day of the event and go over how many looks you would like her to create.


After a detailed consultation Courtney will customize the details of your services on your wedding day by choosing styles that you feel comfortable and confident that enhance your natural features.  Our goal here is to decide what is going to make you feel like your best self and enhance your inner beauty so you are shining from the inside out. During the previous she requests that you speak your mind and be completely honest about what you like and don't like about your hair and makeup.  This is also a good time to discuss anything that needs to be brought to her attention about the day itself.  For example photographer timings, special shots with your bridesmaids and family, if you decide on multiple looks our time frame for changing your looks.  Once the preview looks are complete, please give be honest and give Courtney your constructive criticism, this will allow her and her team to be able to create the hair and makeup of your dreams on your special day.

What should I bring with me to my preview?

Please bring a pictures of your wedding dress as well as any hair and makeup inspirations you would our glam team to execute on your big day, feel free to email us these pictures after your trial session. While looking for inspiration, make sure to look for models with the same complexion and hair tone and texture you have, this will allow Courtney to enhance your signatures features. Please note many different types of hair extensions and hair pieces can be used for your hair styles, this will be discussed during your trial. Bring any veils or hair accessories you plan to wear on the day so Courtney can decide which items work best with each style.  Courtney has a beautiful collection of hair pieces she designed her self.  Wanting something custom made? Contact Courtney to create your one of a kind hair piece, must need minimum three months notice.


What time do you suggest we start on the wedding day?

Courtney will decide what time to begin your hair and makeup once you know the schedule for the day itself, she always allows extra time so she can insure you that your beauty services will run smoothly on your wedding day. From her personal experiences, time goes quickly on the morning of the wedding, there are many unexpected things that come up – phone calls from guests who can’t make it, little ones who need attending to, the arrival of your photographers, family members popping in to see you before walking down the aisle. Courtney’s goal for her brides is to create an calm and stress-free environment with plenty of time to bring all of the details we discussed in the previous to life allowing for a memorable morning!  It's important to allow yourself extra time to get things perfect, this is the calm before the storm and you should enjoy every moment getting ready with your bridal party!


How long does each appointment take?

For a bride’s hair OR makeup, please allow approx. one hour.

For both bridal hair AND makeup, please allow prox two hours.

For additional wedding party members:

 Hair OR makeup is around 25-40 minutes, hair AND makeup can take between 45-60 minutes.

Switching up your looks?

Please allow 20-30 mins.  Can be done in 15 mins if it is a simple change.


What size of party can Indah accommodate?

Indah can accommodate large to small parties, we have experience in large wedding parties and we have a team of talented and professional hair and makeup artists to help accommodate you party. Fees for additional artists will be included in your quote as well as additional travel costs. Please contact Courtney for a customized quote to accommodate your specific needs. 

What are your sanitary procedures at Indah?

Courtney and her team take cleanliness and sanitizing very seriously. We use brand new disposable items for lip & mascara applications, as well we use professional grade disinfectant to cleanse all of our for brushes and tools between each service. All of our makeup is sprayed with antibacterial spray after each application and we only use the best quality tools in our beauty kits.


Will the first hair and makeup application still look fresh by the time the last service is finished?

Courtney has worked with many bridal parties and events.  She makes sure everyone’s hair and makeup is done perfectly by allowing time at the end to do any final touch ups on hair and the final lip applications which allows for everyone to enjoy a glass of champagne or coffee stress free.  For those who would like down styles, Courtney sets your luscious locks in pins and only takes them out shortly before the party leaves for the ceremony assuring that everyone looks fresh.


Will my makeup last from the day in to the evening?

At Indah our beauty team uses only the best professional makeup.  Using their signature makeup applications we can assure you that they will last all day in to the evening. By using luxury products from primers to long lasting lipsticks will help your application to last you through the day. We also offer a selection of long-wear lipsticks in a range of colors available for purchase prior to your special day. The only areas you will need to touch up are your lip and some powder or blotting papers for oily skin and high humidity climates. We recommend to keep your lipstick or gloss, a blush and some translucent powder in your purse for those quick touch ups. Courtney can also provide you and your party with a precious kit for touch-up if you so desire, brides love this because they can use it during day and evening for minor touch ups, please let her know well in advance so she can come prepared.  We highly recommend switching up your look from daytime to evening, this will give you a huge sense of relief knowing you will have that mid-day refresh to look forward to.


Do you recommend using hair extensions for my wedding day?

We highly recommend using hair extensions for your magical wedding day to allow your locks to be accentuated for extra volume and length.  We can provide semi-permanent tape-in extensions which require anan appointment either the day or a few days before your wedding. We can also use clip in extensions just for the day.  The details about using extensions can be discussed in your trial/preview.  We need at least 10 days notice prior to travel to make sure we have enough time to customize your hair colors.


What if it’s the weather is rainy or windy day?  Will my hair and makeup last in hot climates?

Courtney can advise you the best options for these weather conditions such as wearing your hair up instead of down during a rainy day and letting it down later on in the evening if you wish. That being said, there is are limitations in what hair and makeup can withstand. If you are worried about the weather conditions at your destination or the weather isn't cooperating for your wedding day on the day,  Courtney can be available for touch ups when needed if her timetable allows for it.  Most brides prefer her 6 Diamond package giving them a comforting feeling that Courtney will be available for touch ups through out the entire event.


My party has different ethnicities, are you able to enhance all skin tones?

Yes, at Indah we are highly skilled at working with all types of skin tones and many ethnicities. We always pack our makeup kits with a range of various shades to accommodate all women and their unique features.


What hair and makeup brands do you use?

At Indah our kits are filled with luxurious products ranging from many different brands such as Davines, Amika, Portia Ella, bareMINERALS, YSL, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Bobbi Brown, Nars, Smash Box, Urban Decay and much more. We prefer to use products that have not been tested on animals and try our best to use products that are environmentally friendly. We are constantly keeping up to date with new beauty items on the market, however we will only use products on our brides that we have has tested extremely well. We have a wide range of products that can be used on sensitive skin types and we also offer tattoo covering cosmetics on request.

Can you work with my products since I have allergies and severe sensitives?

Of course, we can work with all skin sensitivities and any allergic reactions can be avoided with a thorough consultation.  This is a huge part of why we recommend a preview before your event.  She is more than happy work with your own products; please advise us as early as possible so we can provide you with a makeup packing list for what you need to bring on your wedding day.


Do I need to have semi permanent lash extensions?

They aren’t necessary, we can provide either individual false lashes or luxurious Lashnoire strip lashes for your makeup services. If you have never had semi permanent lashes applied before such as Xtreme, your wedding is not the best time to get a new set for multiple reasons.  Many people can have allergic reactions to the glue used, they can also be dramatic and irritate your eyes if your sensitive.  Most lash extensions need touch ups every two weeks so they look luscious, if lash extensions are not maintained properly they can look vey unpolished. If you think you would like to have semi permanent lashes we recommend trying them a few months before the wedding day and advise us of your decision as soon as possible.  We also have an Xtreme Lash Artist who specializes in classic, volume and 3D sets.  She is available to travel to your destination for you and your party, she can apply new sets or fill your lashes prior to your wedding day.


Do you offer airbrush foundation, and what’s the difference from normal foundations?

Yes, we offer airbrush applications which have become very popular.  During your trial/preview will be the best time to decided if an application by sponge/brush or airbrushes will be the most suitable for the look your wanting to achieve.


What happens if I don’t like my hair or makeup, or certain aspects of the hair and makeup?

Our goal at Indah is for our clients to be happy and in love with the looks we create.  If there is a problem communicating the likes and dislikes Courtney always reverts to pictures which helps both parties understand the visual aspect of your dream hair and makeup.  We encourages our brides to be open and honest with us about the areas they love and their dislikes so we can customize your styles to make you happy.  Sometimes its just a small change that makes the world of a difference. We do have an ego and our only goal is for her clients to be completely happy. It can take time to adjust changes needed and fine tuning to create your vision.  We create a safe space and ask you many questions during your trial allowing you to speak openly with your beauty artist about your hair and makeup. Courtney is relentless and a perfectionist, she will work with you to resolve any concerns you have so that you feel completely confident with the services you will be receiving on your wedding day.


How do destination bookings work, do we provide the accommodation and travel?

Courtney Weller will send you an estimate for accommodation and travel with your hair/makeup services quote. Once your booking fee is received, all of Indahs accommodation and travel will be booked immediately.  These expenses will be detailed in your invoice which is due 30 days prior to your event. An inventory of further expenses such as taxis, transfers and unexpected costs will be detailed in a final invoice following your wedding (if they exceed the amounts estimated). Courtney is a has traveled all of the world and a master at organizing her itinerary quickly and cost-effectively.


Do we need to provide food for you on the day?

For bookings under seven hours, Courtney (and her team if relevant) will provide her own food and stop for a short lunch break when the schedule allows for it.

For bookings over six hours, if a meal was provided it would be very appreciated.


What steps can I take in advance to prepare my skin and hair for my big day?

For your skin to be glowing from the inside out follow these steps:

1. Hydrate. We cannot stress enough how important this is, especially if you are traveling to a climate as humid as Bali.  Upon rising, always drink a glass of room temperature water with a slice of lemon if you so desire.

2. Get your beauty sleep. We recommend get lots of rest, 7-8 hours of sleep a night will do your body wonders. One of our beauty tips is to go to bed at the same time every night and rise at the same time. Trouble sleeping?  In our lifestyle package we share many ways to help with battle insomnia. 

3.  Exercise. Light exercise in the morning helps to keep your stress levels down. We prefer pilates or yoga however a morning run in nature or near the ocean can be very beneficial to your body and mind.

4. Skin Care. We recommend doing microdermabrasion a month before your wedding to help remove excess dead skin cells giving us a fresh palette to work with! The morning of your big day, make sure to cleanse, exfoliate and use a lip scrub and finish with a hydrating balm.  We recommend this same routine on the morning of your preview as well.

5.  Sparkly Eyes. One of our little secrets is to use refresh eye drops especially since most brides shed some tears on their wedding day.  We recommend keeping some on hand to use on the day to make your eyes look much whiter and sparkle for photographs.  


IMPORTANT do not wax eyebrows or any facial hair for minimum 8-10 days before your preview and wedding.  From our experiences, we have found this can cause issues with even distribution for your base and trouble with the foundation sticking to your skin.

For a more detailed lifestyle itinerary to help you prep for your wedding day stress free please contact us and Courtney can arrange to have a lifestyle consultation for you.  There is an additional cost for this service, most of our brides choose this option and can't believe how a adding few simple things into their morning and evening routine can reduce stress allowing them to shine bright not just on their wedding day but everyday!​

For your hair to be in their best condition follow these simple steps:

1.  Do not go to a new stylist for your color close to your wedding day, continue with your exisiting stylist as she should know your hair the best.  If your not happy with your current stylist either try someone new minimum 5 months before or Courtney would be happy to customize the perfect dimensional color your locks that will enhance your skin tone and features.  However,  this is a service she is not available to travel for, you would need to visit her at her salon. 

2. We recommend choosing a style that you feel comfortable with, that is going to last all day and works well with your natural hair texture.  If you have fine and straight texture choosing a down style with soft curls may not stand up after a long day from humidity, to an outdoor ceremony that could be windy to dancing into the evening. Courtney would recommend choosing an upstyle or half up style instead.  This will all be discussed in your preview appointment.

3. We recommend having the ends of your hair trimmed and your color service around two weeks before the wedding.  Unless you have grey regrowth then some exceptions can be made.  During this service ask your stylist to do a deep conditioning on your locks as well as an Olaplex treatment if possible.  This will insure your hair is in the best condition possible foe your wedding day!

4. PREPARATION FOR PREVIEW AND WEDDING DAY: For waves and downstyles wash your hair the morning of your preview and wedding day.  Hair should be slightly damp (not wet)​, do not apply any products.  Please use a sulphate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner such as Davines or Amika.  Drug store shampoos makes the hair too difficult to work with.


For up styles, half up style and hot sets: do not wash your hair the day of the preview and wedding, instead wash it the night before and do a quick rough dry with the hairdryer and absolutely no products.  If you have extremely oily hair and skin consult with Courtney for a modified routine.

It is very important to wear a button up or zip up top, please avoid wearing any type of shirt your need to pull over your head on both your wedding and preview day as this could smudge or ruin your makeup and hair.  Please share these tips with your bridal party ahead of the big day. We can also provide you and your party with beautiful luxurious silk robes to wear on your special day.  Our robes Courtney designed with our signature silk robes are also available for purchase.  Please let Courtney know at least one month in advance so she can arrange to bring these for you and your party, contact her for more details.  

Do you recommend I get a spray tan or visit a tanning salon in advance?

We have seen a lot of bad spray tans out there, if you’ve never had a spray tan before, we do not recommend trying it before your big day.  The last thing you need is to look orange, patchy or too dark in your wedding pictures!  However if you do wish to tan, book a trial at the same salon you will going to before your wedding day,  make sure you take photographs to test how your tan captures on camera. If you regularly have a spray tan and you’re happy with the results make sure to use the same formula and same beautician for your wedding day. We do not recommend tannig beds as they are not good for your skin but if you are in serious need of some color a few short tanning sessions can help boost your color.  Do your research and use a high end tanning salon min one week in advance.  If you burn easily try to stay our of the sun or lather up with 50 SPF for the weeks leading up to your wedding day, especially if you choose a tropical destination for your wedding.  Sunhats are a girls best friend if you still want a little color and want to avoid any potential to burn your face and shoulders.


Should I moisturize my body in the morning? 

Use any deodorant, perfume, talcum powder, body lotions and hand creams long before you dress in your wedding gown – this will ensure they are fully absorbed and don’t rub off on your dress. We recommend applying coconut oil or your preferred oil of chose to your body everything morning for 10-15 mintues then showering.   If your skin is very dry feel free to apply lotion as well after your shower.  Do not apply to face.  Do not try this routine the day of your wedding if you are sensitive.